Introductions 2

usedbooks on Oct. 14, 2019

Work has been crazy hectic lately. The paradox is the busier and more stressed I am, the more productive I become. I guess it's stress relief.

Anyway, one of the visitors to where I work wanted to know if we had “bigfoot” sightings or what was our resident cryptid. Kinda boring, but it's a black panther. We also get mountain lion sightings, which, yes, count as a cryptid because they do not live in the mountains of Virginia (or they are not supposed to). He seemed kind of disappointed, so I also mentioned mothman over in WV. I don't know any other VA cryptids, but I guess I should do research.

At least it got me to thinking about Ruth again, so I picked up a pen and notebook.

(This will probably be my focus for NaNoWriMo. Realistically, I would fail the actual requirements and be very discouraged, so I will just make a goal of writing daily. Even if just a hundred words. My last day of work is Nov. 4th, so I will desperately need some goals and tasks.)