Documentation 3

usedbooks on April 15, 2020

Look! It's another update day! I have shaky hands, scattered thoughts, and an enormous need to create, and those are the ingredients for this type of chaotic illustration.

I hope everyone is well. Last week, I added some baby yard dinos to my household (aka, chickens). I'm fascinated to watch and interact with non-mammals that operate primarily by instinct instead of cognition. My other household members all mammalian and “thinkers.”

Ruth's behavior and physiology were inspired by my graduate courses in herpetology and evolution but there is a touch of avian inspiration too. (My herpetology professor was also my ornithology professor.) A couple years ago, I witnessed a sea gull swallow a live baby rail chick (a chicken-like coastal bird) whole, and it was incredible and somewhat shocking to see in person. Birds are not that far removed from tyrannosaurus, and the reminder was humbling.