Trust Issues 4

usedbooks on Jan. 10, 2020

Finally getting my act together after the holidays.

Not sure I mentioned this. I wrote the beginning of this story as a teenager but writer's block put it on pause for a decade. In my 20s, I had an epiphany to the plot and completely flipped the script. Then promptly got writer's block for another decade.

The characters were completely re-envisioned, except Grant and Connie, when I picked up the story in my 30s. (And Martina Russo was created at that time, which, of course, completely changed the plot plans again.) All their depth came from people I know. Lydia's style and bearing were inspired by a very professional woman I worked with in the National Park Service, who used to work for the IRS. My park service experience helped me polish the “federal agency” angle of the story, so I suppose procrastination has served me well.

And I have started enjoying Becky as a character as well. (Again, pulling from people I've met.)