ST 388

Jennifer Roggeveen on Dec. 29, 2016

I put baby Momo here because she was so small on the chapter page that I thought a bigger image of her was fitting especially because she was the hero in the end!

The end!
The story is finally over I finished drawing the comic at the end of November 2016, it took 40 months (3 years 5 months) start to finish. It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed it, I hope you all did too.

Hope to see you all again in my new comic Stix & String coming soon in 2017 to The Duck! S&S: In a town called drawer where the dolls wait away their lives, until a new comer named Patch starts to stir things up!

I am also hoping to start another comic Have Heart. Where a little boy goes on an adventure with his cat in-order to save his mommy who has disappeared.

Well no-mater if I see you again or not I hope you enjoy creating stories and reading them. I never thought I would get to write let alone finish one of my stories, so I encourage you to try, you never know it could change your life!

JR Good Bye All and Good Luck!!!

ST CH.8 p.388, 6.75` x 10.75`, Ink Drawing & shaded in Photoshop. Date Posted: December 29th 2016.