Which Sunstrike and Bluemist Character are You?

ShaRose49 on July 12, 2020

Hey guys! While you’re waiting for more pages, wanna play a game? (I just made up this quiz pretty quickly, it’s not necessarily accurate so don’t bet your life or anything 🙃)

If you get mostly A’s…you might be a lot like Sunstrike/Kat. She is very vivacious and kind, also a bit all over the place 😂

Mostly B’s…you might be like Bluemist/Evan. He’s quiet and introverted, and appreciates the more mellow/simple things in life.

Mostly C’s…you might be like Derek, (Kat’s father)! Derek is loyal to a fault, possibly even more so than his daughter, and is so hell-bent on taking care of his family and helping others—he often takes on a little too much work, and can get stressed and grumpy because of this.

Mostly D’s…you might be like Kairo! He’s polite and smooth, usually knowing just what to say or how to act, but his people skills are mostly surface level.

If you got a tie between two letters, I recommend measuring who you're most like based on the significance of the questions, eg—If you got mostly C’s for questions about how you respond to things but mostly D’s in your personal tastes, you might be more like C.

Have fun! Also, I might do a Q and A, so if you have any questions, let me know in the comments, as well as who you got on the test ❤️