Happy Father’s Day (oops)

ShaRose49 on June 16, 2019

Okay so I had a little too much fun with my drawing for Dad. :3 My sister and I ended up making this whole fake episode where Dad and I somehow are involved with the SP and Dad has to be Substitute Chief for Simon. Apparently we’re all going to some important meeting because we’re wearing suits and ties…honestly I’m curious as to what my dad would do in this world lmao.

He recently binged my comics so that was a huge honour! I don’t think anything makes me quite as proud as when he reads it :’D He is one of my absolute favourite persons in the whole world and I wouldn’t be doing this comic if he hadn’t kept encouraging me to do so. Thank you Dad!

I hope those of you who have/had fathers enjoy celebrating them today! I don’t wanna take my dad for granted.

(P.S. I didn’t exaggerate his appearance, he is in really good shape for a 55 year-old).