Lin West on Nov. 5, 2006

I'm sure with the sudden um…decline in FRGT10 updates many readers assumed frgt10 is dead.

This version of FRGT10 is, The story just wasn't working out. With its current pacing this baby would've been a whopping 200-300 pages. Not the sort of project I'd like to attempt while still in high school.

In other words, I'm starting over. (again)

I'm working on a better version of forgotten currently that'll be out definately in 2007. It will feature the same main characters (Rei, Alex, Peter) but I'm not sure whether I'll be using Alice or Scott.

If you would like to keep updated on FRGT10 progress and see WIP images from it then check my Livejournal for information.

My LJ serves as a creative journal where I can record my progress on projects, so if you're interested in SIX or my future projects(Labyrinth spoof, various doujin, and mansexorz) be sure to watch.

Thanks for still watching for updates on FRGT10! The Lindsay lurves you! :33