moneko on Sept. 16, 2019

Hello dear readers! Even though I haven't been updating Tittybar Tales I have been practicing drawing, a LOT! I'm so happy with how quickly this comic “Sexism” came out when I finally sat down to draw it. This makes me feel hopeful about getting even more comics drawn now that I have leveled up.

Some people think that strip clubs must be full of sexist people or that the very existence of strip clubs is sexist. Well, there's really no avoiding sexism in any industry… but sexism showed up in this way that I didn't expect. This episode is based on a story my friend told me about when her and her twin sister went out for a fun birthday night.


Two women with wavy red hair approach the front of a club. The pair look like they could be twins. A bouncer can be seen in guarding the door in the distance.
Narration: Some clubs would get weird about women coming in to the club without a man.
Twin 1: Happy birthday, sis!
Twin 2: Time to party!
In the next panel the bouncer confronts the twins who look unhappy.
Bouncer: Sorry ladies, you can’t go in without a male escort.
Twin 2: But our friends are already inside!
Narration: Management gives all kinds of justifications.
The next panel shows a head shot of the bouncer talking. He has a sunburn in the shape of sunglasses on his face.
Bouncer: Well…ya know…Women try to touch the dancers. They don’t tip. They’ll try to get up on the stage…
Narration: But men did all of these things too and they didn’t need a male ‘escort.’
The next panel shows the twins straining to look around the bouncer and waving at their friend who happens to be coming out of the front door of the club.
Narration: (This is a recreation based on a story from a friend, but it is a common experience.)
Friend inside (waving back): Oh! There you guys are!
Bouncer: One of your male friends will have to come out here.
Signed, Alex Star 9-19