Cover Up

moneko on Aug. 9, 2018

Finally a new comic! This one was told to me by a friend when I asked her “have you ever been to a strip club?” The clubs I worked at were generally cool to customers of the feminine persuasion, but I've definitely heard some uncomfortable stories. If you're still following this webcomic, thank you! Your comments fill me with joy!!
P.S. I’ve decided to start including a transcript for people using screen readers. Thanks!

Narration: I asked some of my friends about their experiences going to strip clubs.
(Shows someone having a chat conversation on their computer.)
Icon of a Caticorn: “Have you ever been to a strip club? What was it like?”
Icon of a pretty blond girl: “Yeah, I went with some friends. It was a nice place.”
(Flashback: Shot of bouncer holding up a large red polo shirt with ‘The Club’ printed on it.)
Bouncer: “Since you're under 21 you have to put this over your dress.”
(The blond girl from the icon recoils in surprise.)
Narration: Note- in some states you can go in at 18 but you can't buy a drink.
Icon 1: “Wait, what? They gave you a shirt to wear? I don't get it…”
Icon 2: “I don't know it was weird. The shirt was XXL and cost $40! I gave it to my dad, LOL!”
(Flashback: The blond stands next to a fancy buffet.)
Blonde: “Fine at least there's a buffet.”
Icon 2: Maybe it was so the servers would know not to serve me alcohol.“
Icon 1: Maybe, but I wonder if they made the guys under 21 do the same…”