memo333 on April 9, 2023

just a fast cover. playing with 3 point perspective!
at last I know how that works!

Sorry that I started the manga so abruptly, but I will explain the characters motivations without spoiling mayor plot.
To know what’s happening here you need to read all the wattpad story for free. I started with text but I JUST LOVE TO DRAW SO…I changed my model to manga. The mangas name is (Bruzela Project:Retribution), that is the prequel. Tales of Omnizari is the sequel.
At the end of retribution something unexpected happened that forced Foreno(the protagonist) to do a small quest for SOMEONE (he/she/it is mentioned in retribution) And it told him to go Omnizari with Skarlet. I cant tell whats the missions goal (that would spoile everything) . Instead he has to recruit 12 candidates to make ANOTHER boring fetch quest mission for the King)
So the motivation of Foreno (FOR NOW)is to make what the King ordered to get what that SOMEONE wants. He is just the typical hero good guy that wants to help others beat their fears and make them happy, but in the other hand he is like a pawn, a slave.

Skarlet in the other hand has something inside of her that makes her unstable, makes her be goofy, weird and unpredictable. More of her back story later. (Tip: babies and kids)

Ezuna is just a King descendant who wants to find something (she has said what in multiple occasions) She was recluted by Foreno after first recluting Zulema, the bitter high elf.

The motivations of Zulema will be explained soon in chapter 5 before the grand fight.

And the motivations of Mimi are unknown for now, just want to say they are NOT good.

One of the things I’m focusing a lot is in the way the things can be solved. They will be a lot of obstacles, misunderstandings and problems and they will need to find a way to succeed. Foreno is a wiseman, he knows things (as locke from lost) He will help everyone so he can to get what he wants, in a good uninterested way. He always say: focus on the solution, not in the problem itself. In chapter 5 something WOOT, will happen that change all the plot. Can’t wait! MUST BE PATIENT!
That’s all I can say for now. The point of the iceberg!
Thx bye!