Tales of the Heartless(book one,pg125)

jerrie on Oct. 16, 2018

Tales of the Heartless takes place on another world….PLAT!
Pirate captain Terlinda Loran(AKA Terlinda the Heartless) takes over her mother's ship…The Heartless….and her all female crew…
and searches the seas for plunder! in this first story…her travels takes her on a mission to save her world….
her only male crew member is her lazy brother Jake.

Captain Belle(aka Capt. BloodHair) is (C)Chickfighter

Megan Ruiz belongs to Pumpmonger

welp…issue one…is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this, and will come back for book two!
thanks for reading, MATIES!!! ARRR!!!!
15 men on a dead man's chest…see ya next time,
with a bottle of RUM!