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jerrie on Nov. 11, 2019

Chickfighter posted a great image of these two…that got me up working all night! I HAD to bite off of it! Tal and Bloodhair have a story arc coming up, where Tal believes ,that SHE should kill the pirate killer, and take her place in the three woman alliance to save their world of Plat. BloodHair is a sworn enemy of the Pirates. she wont bend…compromise, or ally with Pirate scum….Plat is doomed…YIPE!!!no world left for plunder!!!! Tal has the solution…kill her…take her place!…shes thinking though…the prophecy was clear…BloodHair MUST be part of this alliance…SHOULD Tal kill her? Tal…thinks….
I need to ask Chicky if I can post her great image here. but if you have a deviantart account, you can check it out at this link…