The Origin of Chaos - Part 2 of 3

irrevenant on May 18, 2013

Wow, it's been a week already!?
I'm not as happy with this as with the first page. The backgrounds are more monotonous (though that's largely a side-effect of the whole page being in a single setting) and the figures didn't come out as good. On the plus side, first time I've drawn a crowd and it doesn't look too terrible, and some of the poses I was worried about came out quite natural looking. Oh, and I was stoked at how the rear foot came out in the second panel. Let's… just not look at the one at the front. >_>
This comic is an experiment in putting together an entire comic myself, scripting, composition, art and colouring. I rethought the layout on this one a few times. Originally I had planned 5 wide panels of the same size but I figured the action in the first couple should be more close in. Which meant I had to draw a camera angle I had no idea how to do - so that was educational… :) It came out worse than I had hoped and better than I had feared.