144 - Piniata

Erad on Aug. 7, 2010

Here's the deal everyone.

I recently stopped drawing comics. I don't really know what happened, I got busy doing other things and eventually just phased drawing out of my daily routine.

So here is what I propose:

I have been drawing these comics for about 3 years and I was compiling them on my blog. I was manually posting each comic here on Drunk Duck but recently my computer crashed and I had to reformat. I was going to go to my blog, save each comic one by one and post them…but I thought this was a ridiculous idea. Instead, I am going to give you a link to my blog, and if you feel so inclined, you can check them out!!


I want to apologize in advance for my diversion into the Photoshop realm and I also apologize for all the lined paper in my earlier comics.

Hope you like my archived list. The blog has all my comic including some I never posted on DD since I thought they were so bad!

I'll come back here in a bit to see how everyone likes the post. With my first child coming in and the start of my Masters Program, I fear I wont have enough time to Draw (such is the unfortunate circumstances of reality I guess :(

Anyways, see you all again soon. I'll work on reading all of your posts now instead of making my own :)