MINIMATTY on Feb. 28, 2009

March the 1st woooo! anyway dunt meen owt, so here it is Page 14 close to the end of the Season anyway im dedicating this Page to Iggy becuase all though he anoys me sometimes he is a great guy and he checks out ym comic and comments whenever he can, thanks Iggy means alot.

For Upcomming Season 2 - I might want cameos so send them to me as soon as possible so i can use them please, send them by PM or e-mail m.hirst@hotmail.co.uk.

Pokemon Sanctuary is back end of this year making its Return and Debue to Drunk Duck and i may need Cameos so please if you have Pokemon Overworld sprites please send them in by PM or by E-Mail at m.hirst@hotmail.co.uk and write your Name, Age and a short description including your pokemon, even it is a crap overworld sprite, i probably will apcept it.