19. Who's Dead?

antcomics on June 18, 2008

It's so fun to draw Mozart freaking out. Hehe.

Maybe Connie shouldn't have said “DEAD” Composers. Well, she doesn't know yet that they really *are* dead composers…well, not dead here but…aw, you get what I mean…

(sorry Wolf).

And yeah yeah I found an excuse for that Felix bit. Shaddup. Yeah I got a crush on a dead–er uh, I mean a NOT dead guy.

I really wish I had Connie's mad tie dying skillz.

Anyhow, she's now startig to wonder about these dudes. Like…why are they dressed like that? How will she react? Will she think these guys are completely nuts? Will she call the local mental hospital to see if they are escapees?


(This one is a little larger than usual because when I tried to shrink it, it really got a fuzzy look to it).