Early Concept-Evolution of Khaled

lizinverse on July 16, 2014

So early on, when I thought of Incubi, I thought of weird bat men. I'm going to guess that I got the inspiration for Khaled, from both an episode of the Batman cartoon called Curse of the Man-Bat (I think that's what it was…) and from Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I was terribly uncreative with names, so Khaled originally went by the moniker “Bat Dude.” (Real creative there mini-Liz…reeeeal creative….>.>)(….go ahead and shame me. I accept my fate.)
Khaled didn't actually become a Cambion until I put it in the Pitaverse, but it's always been an Incubus type. (There's a reason its a Cambion instead of an Incubus, but that will come into the story later. :3)