Issue 01purple - Page 18

JustNoPoint on Aug. 19, 2015

Sorry for being a day late. I didn't have the courage to do this yesterday. I'm going to copy paste what I had posted at

“So I'm going to stop making my comic The Devon Legacy. I'm always split between which hobbies I want to do. MUGEN and my comic. My comic is my bigger passion. But it's just not sustainable as a hobby that I can find enjoyment now that I have a family and less time.

When I was single and worked on it that's pretty much all I did. It was my life. I was thinking about story or writing or practicing my art or making actual pages. That's about it.

Now for almost this entire year I have been working on the comic again. Under the idea that even if it's just 1 page a week I am at least still living my hobby and progressing the story.

But the limited amount of time is making it too stressful. I worry just to meet my deadline. I am not enjoying it now as each page feels like it's work and since I'm not getting a lot of drawing practice either through making more pages or random practice sketches my art is simply not improving and the pages are feeling HARDER to make each day.

To top it off I realized that it's a futile effort at storytelling. The pace is just WAY too slow. I like drawing. But I mostly like it to bring my story to life. I consider myself a writer more than an artist. I'd rather progression be made but I want that progression to look decent too.

I have 7 ”seasons“ planned. Each needing about 30 issues a season. Each issue will be from 20 - 64 pages long. So to simplify, at a page a day it would take me 210 years to complete the whole story. It'd take 30 years to finish season 1.

Now to add to this: making my pages requires solitude. Or at least to be left alone. It's a very introverted process that does not bring in anyone else. So I am shutting myself away from my child and wife when I work. Which I generally try to do while she is at work and he's at daycare 2 days a week.

But still it's not an experience I can share and it leaks into their time a lot because I rarely finish a page in the time I have available for reasons already mentioned.

So for that reason I decided to hang it up. If I ever get extra money where I can hire an artist I'll come back to it. But this is it. The dream of my comic has to be laid to rest.

On a plus side though this gives me a lot more time to play games again. Something I can share with family! And to work on MUGEN. Which again I can share with my son as he gets older. To play and to learn with.

So I should become more active around here and contributing again. No more splitting my 2 selves. Comic me and MUGEN me.

Thanks for the read. Just needed to air out!”

So basically, I'm really REALLY sorry but I have to end Devon Legacy again. This time with warning at least. I do intend to finish this issue since it's been so long in the making and I'm so close. I'll just post all the pages at once when I complete it.

Once it's completed feel free to message me and I can tell you how things would turn out if you'd like to know.

I can't tell you how hard this decision is and I'm really sorry I strung many of you along. Thank you for all the comments and support. I'll continue reading many of your comics. Heck I may have more time to do so now lol