1-10:piss off

pv_chan on July 22, 2008

Well this page should update while I'm away! I'm glad and happy for all the comments and to see some people struck through and lots more starting to read. I had a lot of trouble with this page cause I did everything for it on my laptop mouse board thingy, that was a challenge and a half. said the F word quite a few times lol!

My dad and grandpa are very sick. my g-pa is dying, and we don't know what is wrong with my father but there is a good chance he's in danger too. I will be able to keep updates going for the summer, but once September hits i may not have any backlog. Usually i make enough back log in the summer to make it through the next 3/4 of the yet. Not this summer I'm afraid, between my hospitalized, then my g-ma now my grandpa B and dad I just can't do more than one page a week.

But, we'll see. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any comments and CONSTRUCTIVE crit!