KAM 33

KAM on May 11, 2011

If you don't get the joke go to http://www.drunkduck.com/Magical_Misfits/4791056/
& then check the comment he had on his next cartoon.

And just to anti-nit any possible nitpickers, it was established in KAM 6 that Nikki doesn't read The KAMics. So anyone who tries to apply her comment to my comic… *gives Bronx cheer*

This was actually written before Whose Comic Is This Anyway? & I did consider changing this strip because of that, but I didn't like any of the alternate endings.

In case you were interested the written order was
KAM 32 - (1)
Nikki & Sticky 2 - (4)
KAM 33 - (5)
Nikki Knight - (2)
Whose Comic Is This Anyway? - (3)
Bit of a change from how they were presented.

Ah, well, the good news is this storyline is finally over & Monday will be Gertrude & Brunhilda.