Gertrude & Brunhilda 50

KAM on Sept. 19, 2006

This was trouble.

For some odd reason I had decided to try to do something special for the 50th when writing the script, but the storyline didn't give me many options, so I thought of having the girls chained to the wall like the Spook in The Wizard of Id.

The punchline was meh, but it seemed okay at the time.

Anyway when I started sketching up the pic, then I realized just how visually boring 2 people chained to the wall can be & I had to do something different. Oddly enough after I decided to do something different I found out Supermegatopia had done a similar pose with two of its characters, but they actually had a good punchline.

One I liked was unfortunately too similar to Friday's cartoon & if I'm going to repeat jokes I should at least do them a couple of months apart. ;-)

My favorite part of this has to be the prison uniforms. They look so cute in them! Besides it gets so boring drawing the same things over & over & over & … Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Will this story never end??? ;-) (Yes, October 20.)

Ah, well, in Trunk news there is a Trunk constellation over at The Lost Battle Fortress

In other news my dad & I have a rock selling business Ready To Cab