A Day In The Life Of S.M.O.G 9

KAM on Feb. 21, 2007

In 20/20 hindsight the problem is pretty obvious. I was trying to tell a comic book style story with the restrictions of a webcomic, without taking advantage of the advantages of a webcomic.

I start off introducing characters with a one pager showing them in extreme situations so you don't get any idea of who they are normally.

Although because I'm part of a massive crossover I can't really take the time to do that kind of thing now because I'm scheduled to do certain strips in conjunction with other comics.

Live & learn.

BTW despite what was implied by SMOG 2 Soiyan did not negotiate a contract with a child. A regent was appointed to rule in the king's name until the boy was old enough. (One of those things that got lost in not taking my time with this.)