A Pessimistic Sense of Gertrude & Brunhilda 9

KAM on April 13, 2007

A nice return to Old School Gertrude -)

The story continues from A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy, but the fight against Kerr will continue in PSI without the girls.

And I'd just like to say it's been great working with you Fes & thanks for keeping the Squirrel Wars from being a train wreck!

Where have the girls ended up? Why the world of Project A.D.A.M..

Unfortunately I'm already scheduled to have the Drunk Aliens appear in another battle of the Crossover Wars, so it won't be a crossover per se, but Project A.D.A.M. will have the girls for a little adventure. So go read his comic.

This is part of the Squirrel Wars battlefront of the Crossover Wars