Catnap 1

KAM on June 24, 2007

Okayyyyyyy… a while back when Gertrude & Brunhilda were squirrelified they were stuck in the world of Project A.D.A.M. they ended up disabling a portal blocking device planted by the Evil Overlords United.

The Evil Overlords sent Corporal Max Catnap to find out what happened. The trail led first to PSI where he learned about the girls, however some damage to his bracelet caused him to end up in the world of Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T.

This is set after Catnap left Lisa A.N.T, although technically that story still has some updates to go, but because of schoolwork Ida is unable to finish them at this time if she wants to graduate. (Good Luck, Ida!)

However since there are plans with other comics that involve Catnap I was asked to do up my crossover with him now rather than wait.

This is part of the Crossover Wars