Nikki 11

KAM on Dec. 8, 2009

Tom & Fred & their kids from Dying To Live.

Detective Fork.

The Creepy Guy from Pr0nCrest, wearing the outfit from this comic. ;-)

Cousac is the guy who does It Is A Living.

Since some people seem to be confused (understandably, actually) here's a brief rundown on Nikki's timeline as far as I know it.

1920's - Nikki left Gertrude & Brunhilda & started living in the So-Called Modern World (Yes, that's it's official designation.)

Late 1930's - she met & married Mr. Finklestein, he died in WWII.

KAM 3 - her first appearance & she is working as a reporter.

She gets amnesia somewhere between KAM 6 & KAM 15.