Rhymes With Witch 22

KAM on Jan. 11, 2010

Sorry it's late. Photoshop ate the first version of this cartoon.

Yep, after several hours of work I got it finished. I saved it & then the computer crashed & when it was running again Photoshop said it could not read the document with this version of Photoshop.

*insert cursing here* What?!? It was created with that version of Photoshop! How could it not read it?!?

Tried other versions of Photoshop & some other graphics reading programs… nothing!

And Rhymes With Witch is one of those series that I create straight on the computer, so I couldn't just rescan a drawing, I had to go back to the beginning.

*insert more cursing here*

This time I decided to try drawing the cartoon on paper, just in case.

Very weird. Shapes achieved by a thumb & a trackball are not that easy to replicate with a hand & pencil.

Kiga looked much better in the original cartoon. The only improvement that this version has is that when I was coloring the catgirl cosplayer in the original version & I gave her dress a tiger pattern I thought it would have been cute if I had drawn a plushie of the short, green one, but at that point it was too late to make changes.

In Trunk news I discovered that Stickfodder had used it here & here.