47-The End of Ganon!

THKNN_NUL on Oct. 30, 2008

wow…it's like I PLANNED to finish on Halloween…
MORE lost issues, so here the are…sorta…

48-The Heroes return, seeing as Link had 10 bottles of Fairies at the ready.
—Jack and Zeleeha take Darth down when he tries the “I am your Father” line on Skywalker.
—Link takes Jack back to his time, while he takes Zelda, Vatti and Himself back to theirs.
—Vatti escapes and goes to the Local Villains Bar.(he never returns to the story)
—Link goes to the Forbidden Realm to deal with Ganon(remember, the one that died was from the future).

49-Link destroys Ganon, then leaves to go fishing.