Fan Art Special- Andy Cooke

LanceDanger on Sept. 11, 2018

Hey, it's been a while! Been EXTREMELY busy and also had some health issues. I'm still ironing out the new Exorcist story, before I work on it completely hands on, I have to finish the Clown mini (hopefully by early 2019), and do at least a one shot of another character.
I've been getting SO many ideas lately for Exorcist, I', pretty excited for that! I'm thinking maybe 2 more one shots and when I finish all my lingering projects and the massive 25th chapter of Warlord, I just might do a mini series. Let's see.
Anyway, enough about me, this fan art (with Warlord and Jane included!) was done by Andy Cooke, one of the first people I met years ago when I got into indie comics making. He doesn't do art as often as he used to, there's also a color version of this I will post soon. Thank you all for checking this out!