The Pandora Project: The Beginnings

ThePandoraProject on March 28, 2008

Lemniskate (05-27-2009):
Under new management. This comic still did not become a comic. Veritas and Litindir left. But I wrote a script. So…

Well, now we lack artists.

Some details.

Veritas (03-29-2008):
Hey all, this is Veritas currently writing the very first update for the Pandora Project! I'm so happy right now, because this is just one small step of a very long, yet amazing journey.

So, here's the deal. This “comic” is not a comic(yet). This will be used as a means to show off the collection of materials already prepared for this project, and to definitely recruit more to help. We need more artists and definitely more colorers. If you're even slightly interested, don't be afraid of talking to either co-creators, Litindir or me(Veritas).

For more information, go to

We will be updating the Pandora Project every day, so keep a weather eye on us. You might be surprised as to what you see.