We're BACK!

Blue_and_Aze on Sept. 28, 2011

NEW SITE: http://therevolution.spiderforest.com/
Blue: sorry we were gone so long, but for those still around please check out the new site! What we are going to do is redo the first 11 pages of chapter one and add and intro. I know we aren't even that far along with the story line, but the old intro was not written very well and our art has come so far that I feel the worst pages could use an update. That way any potential new readers wont vomit and walk away. haha.
anyways, updates here will resume once the (now main) site catches up on pages. so there wont be an update here for a while yet, but please check out the main site for weekly ones!
thanks for reading, thanks for sticking with us and i hope you enjoy the relaunch!
special thaks to DARWIN for letting us harass you and for giving us the motivation to keep trucking through the rough parts. =D