Book 1 P 10

micahdraws on Nov. 26, 2020

This concludes the brief introduction to the Sparrow! Starting next week I'll only be updating on Mondays. I want to update more frequently but for now, one page a week will help me stay ahead of my posts. With paid work and life stuff, I can reliably produce approximately one page per week and I'd like to keep up with my curve. 

Once I have a better sense of how much I'm producing vs. how much I'm posting, I'll see if I can go back to 2 pages a week! And if you want to get caught up with where I'm drawing, you can read ahead on Patreon!

As always, you can read ahead by signing up to Patreon. $2/month gets you all pages in advance as I finish them, and $4/month lets you see page WIPs as I work! 

And if you have a moment, please vote for me on TopWebComics! It costs nothing, you don't need an account, and you can do it once a day!

I hope you're excited! Soon you'll get to meet Markos and get to know the other characters a little better!