MrColinP on Dec. 28, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen! Hold on to your seats! The thrilling conclusion of The X-Heroes is here! Don't ask me how I packed so much action in just one panel- it's a gift. It's like The X-Heroes are coming right off the page, and… offering you a bite of their sandwich?

Here's the big news: www.TheXHeroes.com is open!

This is how The X-Heroes was meant to be read, so enjoy it. Plus, there's lots of stuff on there you haven't seen. And if you're new to The X-Heroes, this is the place to start.

Here's the promised announcement: X-Heroes will be back!… But not for a year at least. You can read more about it in the news section of TheXHeroes.com

X-Tra (ba-dum ching!) special thanks to the following Drunk Duck people for being so groovy: Shane Ronzio, ProfessorF, Darth Mongoose, the Here There Be Robots guys, CORY and of course, my darling penis.