Holiday Hiatus

Graphictruth on Oct. 30, 2009

Well, here we are at Samhain - Or All Hallows, Or Halloween. And as usual, my mind has played a trick on me. You see, every year I forget that as the days get shorter and shorter, I am less and less able to create art, until around Yuletide I'm completely frustrated with my inability to create anything worth saving.

This year, I will try and avoid the matter entirely, rather than have my usual fit of frustration, which leads to the abandonment of entire projects.

For me, it's time to return to the craft of words, to work with the pictures and ideas that have come up during the year.

And then, Springish, it will be time to think about visual media again. And by setting myself a March deadline, I hope this year I won't forget art until midsummer, as sometimes occurs.

Now, this won't be a “walk away and forget it” sort of hiatus. Instead, I will try and work in words within the Dreamwalkers universe. I have a number of story ideas I'd like to present, and I believe I can come up with a simple image to hang each on.

These stories will be posted in the Dreamwalkers forums, with images posted here and over at Dreamwalkers to point to them.

Now, speaking specifically of this story arc, I think I will wind up 23's time with BP within the next 10 to 15 pages of the story.