The Apology Illustration

dbartnerd on Feb. 3, 2017

I know…. what the hell is this DB? It sure as heck is not a comic page. Did you forget it was Friday? Well no. I did not. I am having an issue with my comic. When I started this story I was full of energy and ready to go. I realize now that in this my first comic, I made a number of novice mistakes. When I wrote the story for Vampire Texas it sounded really good. When I say wrote the story what I mean to say is when I was pacing back and forth in the bathroom in front of the mirror talking to myself……I do that ……ALOT. Anyway, I never actually wrote a script. I had all these scenes play out in my head whilst I paced about and I was so enthusiastic. Making a complete comic is something I have always wanted to do. Now I have found that what I “wrote” was a bunch of disconnected scenes that make no sense what so ever. I wrote a bad story that makes no sense and is full of plot holes. In my defense it seemed great in the temporary manic enthusiasm of a crazy person who paces about in front of mirrors. That being said, I AM NOT GIVING UP. I am going to return to the drawing board (or writing board as the case may be) and but this thing together so that I have something to give to you guys that I can be proud of. Now when I started this page I promised that I would have a page up on Friday until the first book was done……AND I WILL!!! I am not entirely sure what they will be but they will continue until I have the book done. I will keep you all up to date every week. Thank you for looking and again sorry for my foolishness.