Book 1 Cover

Eunice P on March 28, 2006

This will be the cover for the comic once it gets published. My apologies for taking so long to post up a drawing as I’m still quite amateur in my coloring skills. I wished I have taken up some art classes to at least improve my coloring skill and speed. Anyway, please ignore the uncreative background design as I run out of ideas and decided dabbing a few colors here and there for the background. Not a serious attempt, but it’s better than an empty background.

When I left this unfinished sketch on my table, my mom noticed one of the female characters and said with a surprised expression, “Nii! (Sometimes, that’s how my mom calls me.) Why does the girl in your drawing have such big boobies?”

“Actually, I’ve seen comics with females having bigger boobies than this. Well, you know comics with sexy characters sell better,” I replied jokingly.

“You shouldn’t draw that, that’s bad for the kids! You’re teaching the kiddies bad stuffs.”

“Err… but most comics do that. Besides, this comic I do is to be targeted for older readers.”

“No, no, no. Change it smaller.”

And so, I reduced the size of the boobies slightly for the female character on the right. Anyway, this comic will not contain any sex scenes but might probably contain a few really violent scenes.