Verdant Cover

Tantz_Aerine on Aug. 25, 2023

It's my birthday, so here we go!

Verdant is going to be my first ever fantasy graphic novel, which is insane considering that as a novelist I'm basically a fantasy author!

Verdant's basic plot is that a pair of blood-brother knights, Etan and Callan, attempted to hunt and kill the Silva, the terrible swamp witch. Things did not go as planned, and the knights are separated. This separation will reveal many things and pit Etan against Callan, while their world is in danger from an enemy you can't see until it is too late.

The actual comic will launch on Friday, September 15! I have built a buffer and will continue building it! It'll probably update biweekly just like WM did, so that I can build a good pace and update consistently when WM vol. 2 starts again within 2024. However, if you are my patron you can read all 6 pages that are available right now, as well as a tidbit page of WM!