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Tempest_Lavalle on Jan. 29, 2012

Wow…Not even back a month, and I already miss two updates *shoots self in the head, Kim Pine style* x_x
Apologies guys, no excuse except I didn't give myself enough time/room to catch myself up. And after I figure out I get featured! Holy crap! Thanks to everyone who made that happen :D I'll do my best to NOT fall behind again!
AND! As per request, if you guys want to keep up with what I'm doing and see when updates will be late, check out my twitter feed!!/Tempest_Lavalle
So, I wanted Sarah and her brother to have a verbal exchange here at first, but I didn't want to take up too many pages to expose important stuff, so I gave them just a funny little visual thing they always do. And Mikey wouldn't be a good 12 year old if he didn't try to take advantage of his big sister's weakened state to try and beat her….to no avail X3.
I'm still fiddling with size and quatliy, let me know if this is ok!

EDIT: I changed it so you don't automatically go to the first page anymore XT What a pain in the patella