An update on things

Foxy on Oct. 17, 2007

Well, okay. So I'm not going to school now. I consider this alternative-highschool-thingy to be quite good, but I'm just too far in my social anxiety/depression/whateverthehelliswrongwithme to do anything there. I go to school, and I feel like puking, can't keep my mind focused… I just feel terrible. I don't do any work. So, I'm not going at all, for when I'm not at school, I may have short peroids of feeling happy, which include great increases of creativity.

However, for the most part, I just have stomach aches, head aches, no energy, worse-than-if-not-like-this drawing skills, no creativity, and no will to bother with anything.

And my computer's sound is broken. It annouies me to the point of even bothering.

The next chapter may be entitled ‘Things I felt like saying’. Or maybe it will be the one already planned. Who knows. I don't. I don't care.