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Purple Alert on Jan. 30, 2007

Hello everybody! This is the second page of my comic, “Whatever happened to Madison Avenue?”

The next page is actually gonna have the song– you mtay have heard of it– “Dreaming of Me”, by Figurines (I personally hated the original, this is a remake, but I love it!)

Oh, but for some reaon on Itunes, where it used to have it by Figurines, it now says the song is by a band called “Sterling”… Its weird, but if you can find it, excellent!

Also, if you think you may know where to hear it for free, (Ive already tried youtube) Id love to know, as Ive been searching my butt of for a link but cant find one– so, unfortunately, if you want to hear it, you might have to buy the song :( Though it should only be 99 cents…

Anyways, Limewire MIGHT have it, but I dont know. I might make a CD after a while with some of the songs on it and send it out for free though :D It all depends. Well, we'll see how that goes :)

Thanks, and enjoy!