Vol. 1 - Chapter 01 - Page 01

Arwym Starlight on July 1, 2007

Hello there!

As promised, the first page came in July.

Now I need a new banner! I'll work on it sometime during this week. (This message is copied from the SmackJeeves version.)

Also, please be aware that from tomorrow I have to work on my website's new version (Project Fantasy), for which I will try to update the next weekend.

I will probably just update once a week until I can work faster or get a tablet. I worked on this page for too long, and it is not what I expected.

Please don't be too harsh with criticism. This is my first comic page EVER, and I am in a learning process right now.

Don't forget to leave ratings and tell me if you liked the page or not!

One thing: the cat is a chibi cat, not a baby. The name ‘Shim’ came from my own cat whom I adore: Chimi!

Now, enjoy!