Acceptance S-b-S : ink+shading

ladyranozenth on July 31, 2007

So, I'm working on this last image for the Drunk Duck Beauty Contest.

I really like my shading…I ended up doing that instead of drawing more, because I can do it mindlessly, unlike starting a new pic, which I have to come up with an idea for. Although, after Otakon, I did do a lot of fanart, for some reason.

My b-day was on the 29th, in case you didn't know and care for things like that. Myself, I think Persona 3 is more important. Man, I wish I had money to buy it…

teddibaer: Well, the AMV's weren't great this year, but I had fun. Potter? I'm not a hardcore fan, but I read the books, when it's convenient.