Hiatus.... please don't kill me D:

noroone on Aug. 7, 2008

So…. yeah. Hiatus.

Just so you know, that little chibi is me.

I am so sorry guys o Do I guess I should've put up some kind of notice or something….

I left two months ago for this Precollege Experience at Ringling College of Art to “improve my drawing skills” or something. My plan was to make a short 20 page comic and have my friend post it while I was gone, throughout those 2 months, but due to some difficulties the comic was never born (well, it technically was, but it never went further than 3 pages, which btw you can see in my deviantART ~ noroone.deviantart.com. You could also check out my improvement from my old style to my brand new -looking a lot like the old one- more realistic style . _.)

So yeah. Now that I am finally back, after studying the situation, meaning the comic's plot, I realized it sucks o Do That is why (and this is what I mean by “straighten things up”) I am elaborating a new plot, worthier of being drawn.

Oh, just so you don't light up the torches and take out the pitchforks yet (o_o;;;;) I have enough of the new plot's beginning to post the first pages soon enough. I still have 3 more weeks of vacation, and that is a lot ._.

So again, I'm very sorry for this not being a new page, and for the hiatus thing, and I hope you find enough kindness in your hearts to forgive me…. but it will be worth it :D …. D: I hope.