Chapter 8, page 21

Tantz_Aerine on Nov. 21, 2022

And so it begins!

The attack and sabotage of the Gorgopotamos bridge took place on November 25th, at 23:00. That was “time zero” for the entire operation.

All accounts make a point of how the weather was absolutely ghastly, complete with strong winds and a snowstorm. It was also …without moonlight (sic): they mention how it was so dark that they could barely see each other and the other teams.

I have mase a separate post on what the plan was for my patrons! Zervas, Velouhiotis, and Myers compiled it together, each of them contributing their expertise for different phases of the operation and how the teams were organized. What I’ll say here is that they had 4 hours’ time window for the entire thing, and each team had 15 minutes to do what they were assigned to do, or, per Velouhiotis’ words, they would begin losing.

Both guard posts were manned by Italian troops, by the way. Technically, Gorgopotamos was in their occupied territory and in essence they were the German occupiers’ ordinances…

Do you recognize Eddie Myers in that last panel? He has a beard now, but still no eyebrows. XD

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