Chapter 4, page 5

Tantz_Aerine on April 30, 2007

Hey everyone!

Aren't you glad with a page that's on time, for a change? Hehe. I'm rather proud of making it on time, actually. This was a fun page to write and sketch for me- a lot of nuances and need for expression to imply unsaid things. I hope it shows O.o

Anyway, responds! (from the last two pages)

Mark: The only reason that grabbing Raven like that was effective, is that she is a wolf, and stunting their breathing even a little controls them (as in, it lowers their strength).

Eunice P: Thanks! She was quite desperate when attacking Zoe.

dracco: Thanks for all the kind words!! I really do try to convey my fights as clearly as possible. As for Mike's scratches: quite nasty, indeed.

Luminous: Thanks! I want them to look chaotic and non-choreographed, if that makes sense. As for the latest page: Mike is actually a guy that masks his emotions with a smile :) That last panel was a glimpse of his real self.

Terminal: :D

Brogan: yay! I'm happy it does.

kingofsnake: O.o Zoe has red eyes!…on occasion!

ozoneocean: ah, you say that but you don't mean it ;)

craving control: thanks on both comments :) I am glad you like it.

Locoma: I think I am becoming more confident in intertwining different figures together. I do try to improve that all the time.

carrolhach: Thanks!! I am glad I'm up to par ;)

Darwin: normally she wouldn't go down that easily, but Zoe and Dave know the Wolf weakness ;) Mike's scars are impressive indeed.

Peipei: Yes, Zoe is not afraid to beat ‘em up when she has to. Hehe. And it appears at least, that Mike is trying to save them from getting shot again. Hehehe. We’ll see!

And that's that!! Till next time.