Geisthaven: Brides of Deetz

xailenrath on July 1, 2019

Deetz is a vampire.
Heck, Deetz is THE vampire.

having lived for so very long, and augmenting his lifeforce with arcane magicks and sorceries, The Lord of the Vampires, the once-human conqueror known by Vlad Tepes, found that he could now live without the blood hunger.
In 1937, he “retired”.
He moved to America to finally rest, in New York City. Unfortunately, his many followers, who were not as fortunate as he, were enraged that the man who was once the fiercest and most bloodthirsty warrior on the planet had settled in frail, decadent America and was no longer loyal to the vampires. They tried to kill him.
BIG. Mistake.

It took over 10 years of ceaseless self-defense and battle, but Dracula had won out against all who came at him.
The Old World Vampires were no more, and Dracula disappeared in 1949.

3 years later, he was spotted in San Francisco. Then later in Texas, St. Louis… on and on, restlessly wandering the North American continent, trying to find a place to truly call home. After two decades of travel, finally in 1973, he settled in a tiny city called Geisthaven, Washington, as he sensed a concentration of the supernatural there. One that, for once, wasn't necessarily malevolent.

Over the ensuing years, the vampire population began to re-emerge, little by little, cropping up in the Pacific Northwest, but these were not the vampires of old.
They were all “Newborns”. Most had no idea of their true power or ancestry, and, seemed to not be very smart or capable.
All fangs and no bite.

These Newborns were not the children of Dracula.
They were the children of Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite. Of Twilight and Japanese Anime. Far more obsessed with their wardrobe, image and hair than thoughts of wholesale murder or world domination. They may take a few victims out of sheer survival, but they were a bigger threat to themselves than the general populace.
They were definitely no threat to him, so, he let them live, and continued to look for a way to achieve his ultimate goal… a permanent death.

In the past few decades, though, Dracula thrived in Geisthaven and he'd found that, surprisingly, he liked LIFE.
No longer a slave to bloodlust, or a victim of the sun, he was free to view humanity as something more than just a foodsource.
Of course, some old habits never die. His had been a long, lonely life, and thus, just as he had in the past, he searched out and made himself 3 Brides:
Patty Charles, Su Lin Hastings and Hailey Rollins.
3 girls he'd met, romanced, and revealed himself to over the course of a few years that all consented to be his True Brides, and to whom he bestowed a fraction of his power, and turned into vampires. These ladies, too, have the ability to walk in daylight, and, while they are not consumed with bloodlust, the DO still have to feed on human blood to survive.

Taking the name “David Alexander Deetz”, The Former Lord of all Vampires owns and operates the Black Tower Movie Theatre in downtown Geisthaven.
Unbeknownst to most, Deetz actually owns a fair amount of the town, itself, under the guises of dummy corporations and small businesses. But, for the first time in his long, long life, he has acquired something his power and longevity has never afforded him… Dracula is HAPPY. Seeing the world through fresh eyes and seeing himself as something other than a thirsty, powermad monster who cannot be quenched.
Still, as immortality will eventually take it's toll on the sanity of any sentient being, he still seeks a way to permanently end his existence, all the while teaching his arcane secrets to his 3 brides to carry on once he's gone.

Deetz acts as the wise and sage advisor to a certain band of teenaged werewolves when things get too bizarre, or arcane for them to handle. He will even step in from time to time, albeit secretly, to pitch in when things are on the brink of apocalypse. Having rediscovered the ability to love something other than himself, he wants the world to stick around, even if, once he achieves his goal, he won't be around to see it.