Xailenrath Omniversal : The Abels

xailenrath on Sept. 10, 2019

The Abels are a horde of clones created by Professor Jonathan Pendleton-Smythe of the Xailenrath Omniversal Corporation.

The first Abel was a clone of his deceased son, Cain. Thus Cain, aka “Abel Number 1” lives the life of a normal college student and has no idea that he's a clone. Cain, however, is the first successful human clone, and, to perfect the process and make sure it was no fluke, Professor Smith fired up the ol' cloning machine and created 98 more clones, each of which he named “Abel” in a rare expression of his all-but-nonexistant sense of humor.
Abels 2 through 99 were mostly successes, with only five reject clones in the initial bunch. Those five are for experimentation purposes to make absolutely sure of weeding out impurities.
The other 93 Abels, who are now considered sentient beings, if not ‘citizens’ with rights outside of the XO building, have been assigned various occupational tasks inside the XO organization, such as the mail room and janitorial duties.
Each Abel has been assigned a number to differentiate them. Some have taken to random acts of hairstyle and personal grooming to exhibit individuality, though most are content with looking identical.

In the original planned storyline, the most often reoccurring Abels were to be Numbers 17, 21, 33 & 45.

Abel 17 is a jovial, but somewhat slow-witted clone who works in the mailroom. Not stupid by any means, but he gets easily confused about things, particularly mathematics and the behavior of ‘normal’ people. He is a maintenance clone and seems to have an aptitude for repairing everything from mechanical devices to furniture.

Abel 21 is a clone of average intellect and quick wit. He has a sharp sense of humor and delights in amusing his fellow clones and anyone who'll listen with a joke or an anecdote in attempts to brighten the day of those around him. A happy workplace is a functional workplace, after all. 21 is almost always partnered with his “twin”, Abel 42, who has an identical hairstyle. They work the Interoffice shipping department.

Abel 33 is somewhat dissatisfied with his lot in life. He is also a maintenance clone, but deep inside wishes to be a dancer. He has the ability, but not the bravery to try, as there is really no call for the entertainment arts inside the XO building, save at the Office Christmas Party's annual Drunken Talent show. Thus, he sulks.

Abel 45 considers himself a very cool guy. At first, he comes off as kind of a d-bag, but, once you get to know him, you'll find him a caring and sympathetic soul. He's just loud, extroverted, and somewhat clueless about how to behave in a group situation. It just seems that he got the lion's share of confidence from Dr. Pendleton-Smythe's patented Random A.I. Personality Engram Generator. He's a bit aggressive, and the filter between his brain and mouth is definitely malfunctioning, but he means no harm.

Another Abel, Number 22, has been kidnapped by the supervillain organizations, S.C.A.R.R., and delivered to the biological mother of all Abels, Dr. Heidio Pendleton-Smythe, ex-wife of Jonathan, who is just happy to have her son, Cain, back in SOME fashion.