Ghostrunner Fan Comic!

Mushroomcomix on Nov. 8, 2009

This strip comes from Ghostrunner who has an awesome comic running called grin n spirit which is located at it has over 600 hundred pages which i have been working my way through for about a month now :) I'm at 250 and so far have loved every single one, so everyone should go check it out!

Yo! Will return to it's regularly scheduled time on Friday (a day after my ridiculous paper is due) thanks for sticking with us!

Also an update on the Christmas Special, next weekend Harry and I (im hoping) will be working on the script and it should immediately follow this current issue that is up. So stick around for A Charlie Brown Christmas bastardized by the minds who bring you YO! Comix!! Also if you haven't read it you may want to check out our last Christmas Special

Thanks for reading YO! Comix

@ Ghostrunner- What little plot is left in this comic could use some more explosions, I may just have to do that :)

@ Greenmonkey- Oh Chris will be back, but probably not the way he want's to be :)

@PeiPei- Thanks!

@ Mattchee- It's my favorite panel on this page!

@ Brogan- Thanks!

@ Machinehead- Nerd stores are the best! I actually won an anime trivia contest in a nerd store on Sunday!

EDIT: Fixed the giantness of the page…sorry guys.