Kinda the idea

zeitgeist on Aug. 16, 2009

I just whipped this up on Hero Machine.
Obviously the logo will be the one in my avatar or something similar but you get the idea.

I answer to the whole three emails I have received. No, I do not want any money from you, jut you artistic talent and enthusiasm for the creating superhero comics. You do not get any kind of solicitation when email me. What you do get is a synopsis and some character descriptions so you can make up your mind about the title.

I am also not promising to make you any money. This is about creating and getting what we create, my writing and your art, seen by as many people as possible. If we are successful finncially, well and good. Most webcomics aren't though.

Oh and, no I am not trying to bleed off your talent and collect the many royalties that will come pouring in. I am still getting over laughing at that suggestion. Seriously, if you are that good then you should already have your own webcomic, in whih case send me a link and I would love to check you out.

I will be posting some of the synopsis and character studies here over the next few days.