Chapter Two: The Web of Zom-Ben

DangerFace Studios on Oct. 2, 2007

Chapter Two! I'm not sure I expected to get this far. Usually when I start a new project, my interest in it runs out of steam after about two weeks. Yet here I am.

I'm quite proud of this title page. Amazing, AMAZING colors on Zom-Ben by Colin Turnbull that put mine to sobbing shame. I tell ya, that is one GORGEOUS zombie me.

The bad news: I'm changing the format of Zom-Ben. I'm taking out the three panel strip in favor of full pages. This may mean longer wait times between updates.

The good news: More Zom-Ben per update, and the story should move along quite a bit faster.

I may still throw in three panel gags once in a while for jokes that don't directly affect the continuity.