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The story up to this point...

This is sort of a page-by-page breakdown of what has been going on in the comic.

It might not be that useful to you now, but when i get up to 50 or 60 pages, it will be very valuable.

Page 1
Tom and Kevin argue about whether or not it/she has rights. Tom believes she does because she is a living, breathing, sentient creature. Kevin thinks it doesn't because it was created in a lab and is the company's property. And hey, what's that green thing on the wall behind them?
J (in the gray suit) thinks about Kevin's argument, setting us up for…

Page 2
…Flashback to 3 years earlier. Tom and Kevin are waiting for Dr. Westin, Director of Walsh's Genetic Research Division. She arrives and escorts the Walshes into the facility.

Page 3
After walking down a long corridor, the 3 of them arrive at a very secure door. Dr. Westin gets a palm scan to confirm her identity. BTW, those are machinegun barrels that appear on either side of the door, not dildos.

Dr. Westin gets a retinal scan to confirm her identity and when the doors open, procedes inside the facility. Tom gives Kevin a look when he pretends he wasn't afraid of the door's security system (he was hiding behind Tom in the last page).

Page 5
A top down view of the first lab of the facility. It looks pretty shitty because this is the first page I'd drawn after the 2 1/2 year hiatus. It kinda reminds me of a VHS tape. You remember VHS tapes, right?

Page 6
Dr. Westin introduces the Walshes to Dr. Green and his project. Kevin accidentally sticks himself with a syringe full of the experimental serum and turns his skin a lovely blue and red plaid.

Page 7
Dr. Westin rushes the Walshes over to the next project, and Dr. Orange gives the low-down on it.

Page 8
Dr. Westin tried to rush the Walshes on to the next experiment, causing Kevin to erupt. PLAID RAGE!

Page 9
Dr. Westin, shocked by Kevin's outburst, reluctantly agrees to show the Walshes what she is really doing. She leads them to another door at the opposite end of the lab. LOL, Scottish Hulk.

Page 10
While walking to the other lab, Dr. Westin gives some cryptic desciption of what the project is all about.

Page 11
This is an abbreviated version of the security checks from earlier; guns pop out, hand scan, retinal scan, profit…I mean entry.

Page 12
Our first look inside ‘The Nest.’ Lots of neat little details here. This page didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it to, but I'm proud of it anyway. Wait, page 12 doesn't go live until saturday? Crap…


Character Profiles

Descriptions of the charcters in the comic.


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