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Josiah started drawing around the age of 2½. It was a portrait of his pre-school teacher - and yes, I still have that drawing! I taught him basic shapes to create animals - he took off from that. Now, at middle school age, he draws, IMHO, very mature for his age. He is totally self-taught. He did attend some art summer camps but they were not intensive camps. More all around artist approach - music, dance, acting, drawing. He did study under Sam Hurt (Eyebeam) for a summer session at one of the local art museums. Right now, he is going to commit to creating a new comic once a week. Let's encourage him to continue his work!rn


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Josiah loves to play with the English language. He hears everyday words and twists their meaning. I think part of it has to do with a speech delay he had when he was a toddler. He was not understandable by other adults. I could understand his speech. However, the speech therapist recommended he get speech therapy so that he would be successful in school. He really communicated through his art/drawing from an early age - so I didn't think it was necessary. He went to therapy anyway - I'm glad he did. But the therapist said that he liked to play with the language. JTG


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