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Wireless Wiki

A place for if you want to learn more about the Wireless Universe. Basically where I post info about different organizations, locations, and cultural facts that may help with understanding the plot. If I write spoilers please warn me!


General Discussion

Want to point out something about Wireless? Say how it reminds you of another show? Ask questions? Post them in here!


The Serious Stuff

The story of Wireless touches on some pretty deep points at times. Prejudice, Justice, what is a hero? And I want to hear your side of the argument as well. Feel philisophical? Put your two cents in on one of the subjects



I know I'm potentially opening a messy MESSY can of worms here… but Wireless is a very special storyline to me, and as such I strive to improve it in whatever ways I can. If you look through the comics you'll see that my style changes fairly rapidly but it still isn't where I want it to be. There are some PHENOMINAL writers and artists on this site and it would mean so much to me if you could take the time and give me any advice into what areas I need to improve on and if you could… how. 


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