Cuatro and the Zylonian Knights

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First chapter on it\'s way to completion.

It\'s taken almost two years but Cuatro and the Zylonian Knights is finally going to wrap up on the first chapter. This also marks the end of the gray era for CZK because after this, I\'m switching to full color. Stay tunned before I do continue to the next chapter I have a special extra planned. We\'re going behind the scenes of chapter one, and we\'ll get to meet the characters personally. More action to come, stay tunned!


Things begin to heat up as Chapter one nears completion.

A battle ensues for our heroes, but this may prove to be a fight where they bite off more than they can chew. But as the old heroes begin to step back, a new hero is about to put one of four of his best hooves forward. Brace yourselves readers, this series is about to become just a tad more explosive.


Comic is still in the works, but undergoing script construction.

To all of you who have been reading this coimc and are wondering… What the Hell happened? No updates for a long time? Well, there\'s a good reason for this. Cuatro and the Zylonian Knights is going through a script revision and it just so happened to be at the end of the script where some changes are being brought about. I\'ve employed a writer who has been a really good friend for about twenty years and has far more experience in writing than I do, and since I\'m far better at doing the artwork, we\'ve decided that the last part of the script will be his writing. I\'ve given him a copy of the original manuscripts and he\'s taking it from there. I\'ll finish where there won\'t be any changes but then, a writer switch is due to happen. Stay tunned, more is to come.


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