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"Shadow Force" needs an artist!
Starstriker at 8:37AM, July 31, 2009
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After several failed attempts to find someone local, I've decided to try looking on here.

“Shadow Force” is a comic about two trillionaire business moguls who form an elite task force to defend their company from terrorists and revenge driven lunatics.

It's set in a future where super-powers have become commonplace and takes an in-depth look at what our society might be like if super-heroes actually existed, similar to how “Watchmen” looked at the past.

The heart of the comic is the relationships between Shadow Force's two founding members; cousins Tom and Kevin Walsh, and the rest of the agents. Their personal struggles and triumphs.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in working on, even if it's just doing some concept art, check out my first few crappy pages of the comic and/or PQ me for more info.

Currently updates on Saturdays.
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