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Artist seeks Writer
Silent_Ninja at 4:52PM, March 8, 2006
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Well what i want is a writer.
A writer to write A comedic comedy about super heroes(iv'e got a very rough idea so i might be able to elp with the outline of the story)
Now what im looking for is not just a good writer, well a good writer(but you have to be funny), but what im looking for is someone that has a layed back sort of … er… um… well i dont know a word to explain someone doesnt mind when i update and stuff like that.
i'll be using a style that i guess is different and i hope it will enhance the quality.
heres the link to a picture drawn in that stye in about five minutes:

PS. sorry about the shabbyness of this(it's because im not a very good writer thats why i need you, yes thas right you)
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Enef at 11:25PM, March 8, 2006
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It looks very Order of the Stick-ish art wise, i wouldn't mind reading a comic about superheroes if all the art was like that. Good luck.
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