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Nepath at 1:11AM, June 18, 2008
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Im looking for artists to draw one of two projects - dependent on the artists personal choice or what style suits.

The first comic is something that i have recently started called Salvation. It is a superhero comic that centres around a young girl from the future who is the daughter of two heroic legends of the past. She is being sent back in time to prevent an event that plunges the world into darkness. I have drawn the opening 6 pages that see Titan (the lead) sent back in time and i am looking for someone to carry on from here. The comic is closely tied to my other comic Fearless.

Here is the link:

The second project is something that i have written called Angelblood. It is an epic story that centres in a world filled with Angels and Demons and follows the lives of the Celestials in their struggle against the Dominion. This is more fantasy than anything I normally do so it's out of my comfort zone.

Any interest would be much appreciated and i am open to all styles for either book. There's nothing better than different interpretations.

Thanks in advance

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QSAMA at 3:02PM, June 18, 2008
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Hey Nepath i think id be interested in helping you out with salvation, what are the details?
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